Mobile Home Owners Need To Know What Violations They Are Responsible For

HCD is in charge of mobile home park inspections and making sure that parks are maintained to a set standard. There are certain violations that the Park Owner is responsible for, but as the owner of a mobile or manufactured home there are things that you can and will be cited for. If these issues are not addressed and fixed they may become grounds for eviction from the park.

The top 10 most frequent mobile home owner violations identified by HCD as mobile home owners’ responsibility are:

  1. Rubbish, trash, debris, or combustible materials on the lot.
  2. Electrical extension cords used for permanent wiring.
  3. Stairs with no handrails.
  4. Stair handrails are not sound.
  5. Unit weather protection
  6. Construction without permits.
  7. Appliances located outside.
  8. Electrical conductors exposed.
  9. Electrical power cords maintained buried under-ground.
  10. Unit exits not provided with stairs.

It is very important that all mobile home owners keep their lot clear and safe to avoid fire and safety hazards as well as to avoid HCD violation notices!  Most mobile home parks have very specific rules and regulations that prohibit these very violations.

For more information about violations and Mobile Home inspections visit the HCD website: