Extra Prescription Drugs in your Cabinet? How to get rid of them properly

People who’s medication has expired or people who did not finish a prescribed medication often find themselves throwing their unwanted pills in the trash can or flushing them down the toilet. Both of these can be dangerous. If you throw them in the trash a person can find your pills and abuse them. If you flush them down the toilet you may be contaminating the water supply.

The best way to get rid of an unwanted or unused prescription is to utilize Take-Back programs that most counties have. You can return your unwanted prescription to a pharmacy near you. If there is not a take-back program in your area follow these steps

  1. Remove the pills from the bottle, this will make it harder for addicts rummaging through your trash to tell what the pills are.
  2. Put the pills in a bag with something undesirable (i.e. used kitty litter, mud, or coffee grounds) DO NOT mix them with household cleaners as a reaction might occur.
  3. Seal the bag and throw the entire thing away.

For more information of prescription drug abuse or for more information on disposing of unwanted medication you can visit www.dea.gov.

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