Fair Housing Frequently Asked Questions, Rental & Lease Agreements

Can my Landlord change the terms of a rental agreement?

Yes, with proper notice, usually 30-days but never less than 7-days. A landlord may change any of the terms of the agreement including: rent increase, increase of security deposit, add or remove services or amenities and termination of tenancy.

Can my Landlord change the terms of a lease?

Not typically. A lease is a contract for a fixed period of time. A change in terms would only be allowed if both the landlord and tenant agreed on the changes. Some leases contain a clause that allows a landlord to change the terms of the lease. If there is such a clause either party may change the terms by giving notice.

Once the lease expires, can the landlord change the terms?

 Yes, as long as the parties have not entered into a new lease. If the parties do not enter into a new agreement the old Lease becomes a month-to-month rental agreement, which can be altered with proper notice. (See question one)

What is a Lease Agreement?

 It is a binding contract giving both landlord and tenant specific rights for a fixed period of time. Neither party can terminate the lease without just cause. It is intended to protect the landlord by guaranteeing that the rent of the unit will be paid during the lease period. It protects the tenant by guaranteeing a set rent, which cannot be increased during the term of the agreement unless otherwise stated in the agreement.

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