FAQ’s Answered

Q: Is the new park management allowed to change rules on long-time residents or are these residents “grandfathered-in” under the old rules?

A. Existing residents are not exempt from park rule changes. According to the MRL, the park can change a park rule and regulation as it applies to existing residents, after giving residents six-month’s notice of the change, or a 60-day notice if it involves changes in rules relating to the park’s recreational facilities within the clubhouse. The management must meet with park residents, at the residents requests, but are not required to accept the residents’ suggestions or requests regarding the rules.


Q: Can the park prevent residents from subleasing their mobilehome?

A. Yes. Most mobilehome parks have rules that prohibit homeowners from subleasing their mobilehomes, even in hardship cases. However, in cases of seniors who require medical convalescence away from their homes, they may sublet for up to one year.


Q: Can the park manager reduce or eliminate park services and amenities that residents have been paying for for years?

A. Yes, as long as the services or amenities are not guaranteed in a signed rental or lease agreement. If however, the services and amenities are part of the signed lease or rental agreement, they may be eliminated with equal reduction in rent.


Q: Is the resident for the park owner responsible for correcting pre-existing code violations on their space?

A. The homeowner is primarily responsible for correcting any violations concerning the home or space on which he/she resides, including any pre-existing code violations after the sale of a home.

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