Keep Summer Bills Low While Staying Cool

Temperatures will be rising this summer, and in some places, it is unbearable without using the air conditioner. Using the AC often will result in high utility bills, but it is also important to keep your home at a tolerable temperature.

If you are looking for ways to stay cool by not using the AC, consider the following methods to keep you cool:

During the day, close your windows and do your best to keep the sunlight from coming into your home. You might be tempted to leave the window open when there’s a breeze, but you won’t benefit from the breeze if it’s warm. In addition, avoid using appliances and lights that generate a lot of heat so that the inside of your home will be lower than outside.

Also think about visiting air conditioned buildings such as your local library or mall. Some malls have indoor playgrounds for kids which is a nice alternative to playing outdoors.

Finally, try to avoid using your stove or turning your oven on, and use a fan to circulate air throughout your home.