New Legislation Requiring “Know Your Rights” Insurance Disclosures

Recent wildfires cause the California State Legislature to look closely at how they might help mobile home owners in such disasters. Newly adopted Senate Bill 508 will ensure mobile home owners receive critical insurance information.

The bill goes into effect January 1, 2020 and will require insurers to provide timely disclosures and information to mobile home owners regarding their residential property insurance policies and their rights associated with their policy.

However, the most important thing is that every mobile home owner has an insurance policy for the cost of replacing their mobile home should it be destroyed by fire, earthquake or other disaster. “Replacement Cost” is NOT the price you paid for your mobile home. It is what it will cost to replace it with a new mobile home of the same size. This is critical and very important.

SB 508 will equip mobile home owners with critical information before the insurer issues or renews their insurance policies and provide them with the same information as other homeowners when it comes to knowing their rights under California law. For more information on this legislation visit: