Planning a Vacation? Protect your home by using these easy steps

Many people travel during summer or the holidays in order to see family or escape the crowds. They often leave a light on and have a neighbor pick up their mail but here are a few more tips and tricks to fooling people into thinking someone is home.

About 1 week before you leave:

  • Request a “house watch” from your local sheriff’s office. They will drive by periodically to make sure nothing looks suspicious. The increased police presence will help deter criminals.
  • Be cautious about announcing vacation plans on social media.
  • Have your newspaper stopped so they don’t pile up. Many people ask neighbors to collect them but they often collect for a few days before your neighbors stop by to grab them.
  • If it will be a long vacation arrange for someone to stop by and mow the lawn. This will help to avoid the “vacant” look.
  • Move all jewelry and cash into a safe deposit box at the bank.
  • Turn down the ringer volume on your phone or turn it off so it cannot be heard outside. This way people do not hear the phone ring without ever being answered.
  • Place your lights on a timer. When your home is lit it deters people who are not supposed to be there from hanging around.
  • Make sure all windows and door are locked