Security Deposits for Mobile Homes

Security Deposits are required for almost every type of rental in the state, even if you are only renting the land your home sits on. There are rules that govern Mobile Home Security Deposits in California.

  1. A security deposit may only be demanded on or before initial occupancy.
  2. The security deposit cannot exceed an amount equal to two months rent, in addition to any rent for the first month.
    1. EX: If your space rent is $800 your security deposit cannot be greater than $1,600. At the time of move in you can be required to pay the deposit $1,600 plus the first months rent $800. Your total move in cost would equal $2,400
  3. For deposits collected after January 1, 1989- if the home owner has promptly paid in full all of the rent, utilities and reasonable services charges for 12 consecutive months OR upon resale of the home, whichever comes first the home owner may submit a written request for a refund of the deposit. Management has 30 days after the written request to return the deposit.
  4. Management is NOT required to place the security deposit in an interest-account NOR is management required to provide a homeowner with any interest on the security deposit collected.

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