Your Mobile Home : What can management require you to repair

You own your home, you may have purchased it new 30 years ago Or you might have recently purchased an older home because it fit into your budget. Either way the older your home the more likely it is to need repairs. Like with any other home, roofs, shutters, siding, rain gutters, stairs, handrails etc. all wear down over time. This wear can have a negative affect not only on the appearance and safety of your home, but also the overall appearance and safety of the park.  Although you are the legal owner of the mobile home, since the home is placed on a rental lot within the park, management/owners can require you to make improvements to your home within reason.

What do you mean by within reason?

According to HCDs website “The park management can require you to correct violations of local or state requirements for the unit and accessory structures that you own.”  If the required improvement is one that is required to fix a violation then yes the park has every right to require you to make that improvement.

What Happens if I choose to not make the improvements?

There are many things that can happen ranging from a fine for not fixing the violation to eviction from the park. The HCD website states “The Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) specifies the only permissible reasons for termination of tenancy… failure to comply with a state law or regulation; being a substantial annoyance to other residents; conviction for prostitution or a felony controlled substance conviction that occurred in the park; failure to comply with a reasonable park rule that is part of the rental agreement; and nonpayment of rent.” This means that you can be evicted on the grounds that you are failing to comply with a state law or regulation, and as is the case in most parks, the rules and regulations of the park state that you must be in compliance with the state law, and that your home must be kept in good condition. By refusing to fix an issue with your home you are putting yourself at risk for a legal eviction as reflected in civil code section 798.56.

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