Resident FAQ’s


Q: Can the park owner require a deposit or fee for use of the clubhouse by the homeowners association?

A.  No, however there are a few exceptions. They can not require a deposit or liability insurance if the residents are holding meetings for a lawful purpose at reasonable times when the facility is not otherwise in use. However the park may require liability insurance if alcohol is being served. A deposit may be charged if a homeowner wishes to reserve the clubhouse for a private function to which all park residents are not invited.


Q: How can a resident get their taxes reduced?

A. You may file an appeal with the county assessment appeals board to see if they can get their AV*, and thus their taxes, reduced. The burden of producing evidence that the home is worth less than the assessor’s valuation falls on the homeowner.

*AV is the Assessed Value of the home. Property taxes are 1% of the AV plus any local bonded debt.


Q: Can the park end a resident’s tenancy by refusing to enter into a new rental agreement?

A. No, not if the resident is a homeowner, unless they have not paid rent or have violated park rules and regulations. If the resident is a tenant who rents a park-owned mobilehome, the park can terminate the tenancy without a reason with a 30-day notice.

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