Can Mobile Homes/Manufactured Homes be Moved?

Trailers, mobile homes and manufactured homes are built in factories and transported over the road on axles and wheels to the site where they will be set up – whether that is in a rental community (mobile home park/manufactured housing community), or on privately owned land.  The manufactured home is set up on pillars, earthquake systems are installed on newer homes, the tires are removed, and siding or skirting is added.  Owners add steps to the front and back doors and, in many parks, carports and patios are installed with covers.  Driveways and landscaping are added and maintained by the mobile home owner renting the site. 

Once a mobile home is set in place, it can be moved the same way it was originally moved to the site.  If the home is multi-section (double or triple wide), the sections are divided and move along the roadway as single sections.  In many mobile home parks built in the 60s and 70s, the original homes are now 50 and 60 years old and are being replaced by newer manufactured housing.  Where do these older homes go?  Some go to Mexico or out of state, others to privately owned land or older mobile home parks in rural areas where they are fixed up and rented or sold.

Resident FAQ’s


Q: Can the park owner require a deposit or fee for use of the clubhouse by the homeowners association?

A.  No, however there are a few exceptions. They can not require a deposit or liability insurance if the residents are holding meetings for a lawful purpose at reasonable times when the facility is not otherwise in use. However the park may require liability insurance if alcohol is being served. A deposit may be charged if a homeowner wishes to reserve the clubhouse for a private function to which all park residents are not invited.


Q: How can a resident get their taxes reduced?

A. You may file an appeal with the county assessment appeals board to see if they can get their AV*, and thus their taxes, reduced. The burden of producing evidence that the home is worth less than the assessor’s valuation falls on the homeowner.

*AV is the Assessed Value of the home. Property taxes are 1% of the AV plus any local bonded debt.


Q: Can the park end a resident’s tenancy by refusing to enter into a new rental agreement?

A. No, not if the resident is a homeowner, unless they have not paid rent or have violated park rules and regulations. If the resident is a tenant who rents a park-owned mobilehome, the park can terminate the tenancy without a reason with a 30-day notice.