Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are a growing problem in California and can be quite expensive to get rid of once they have made your home their home.

The first step to getting rid of a bed bug infestation is to make sure the critters living in your home are indeed bed bugs. For help making sure your pests are bed bugs, you can contact an entomologist (insect expert) at many county extension services. Follow the link below to find your local extension service:

Once you determine that they are bed bugs the next step is to find an expert who can assist you in ridding your home of these bloodsucking pests. The cost can cause some residents who’s homes have become infested to take short cuts and attempt to treat the problem themselves. If you choose to treat the problem yourself (which is not recommended) make sure you are using a pesticide that is specifically for the treatment of bed bugs and check the label to ensure that it is safe for indoor use. ALWAYS follow the directions carefully.

If you decide to hire someone to control bed bugs or any other pest, make sure they are currently licensed and certified to apply pesticides. Ask to see the certification. Ask for the brand name of the pesticide and the name of the product’s active ingredient in case you or a member of your family gets sick from exposure to the product. Read the label of the product the pest control applicator is planning to use to make sure it is for indoor use.

The final step is notifying local health agency and let them know about the infestation. For more information on bed bugs you can visit the California Department of Public Health’s website. Click Here.

You may also download a short fact sheet provided by the Department of Public Health.

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Fees on Your Rental Statement

Many mobile home owners see fees on their rent statements each month and have questions, the main one being can the park charge additional fees on top of the rent?

The answer is yes. The park may charge you a reasonable fee for services actually rendered if the fees are listed in your rental agreement or if you have been given a 60-day written notice of a new fee.  Some parks also charge ‘pass through’ fees for other park maintenance costs (resurfacing the parks’ roads, replacing of the clubhouse roof, etc.)  The Mobilehome Residency Law specifies that the management cannot charge homeowners certain fees, such as fees for guests who stay fewer than 20 consecutive days or a total of 30 days in a calendar year, fees for entry, installation or utility hookup charges as a condition of tenancy, enforcement of most park rules and regulations, or extra fees for additional members of your immediate family.