Fresh Groceries and Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Door

Are you aware that fresh groceries can be
delivered to your door when it’s most convenient
for you? Instacart and many of your
local grocery stores offer same dame grocery
delivery service. Customers select groceries
through a web application and the order is
delivered by a personal shopper. Simply go
online to and type in
your zip code.

You can shop from several stores and
retailers, where groceries can be delivered
to you in as little as an hour. You can also go
to your favorite grocery store’s website and
order home delivery directly through them.
Ordering fully cooked and prepared meals
from your favorite restaurants and having
them delivered to your door is easy too!!!
Grubhub and DoorDash are restaurant
delivery businesses that make life easy. You
can order online at or, and/or download their
apps on to your smartphone. Ordering is quick and easy,
and you are guaranteed to have hot food delivered to your door
and you are guaranteed whenever it is most convenient for you.

Meals on Wheels is also a program that
delivers meals to individuals at home who
are unable to purchase and prepare their
own meals. Meals on wheels operates
in every community. To find your local
Meals on Wheels Program you can call
1-888-998-6325 or visit their website at

Mobilehome Residency Laws Distributed in February

The California Civil Code Sections 798 regulate mobile home parks.  Another term for the Civil Codes is “Mobilehome Residency Law” or “MRL”.  These laws change depending on new laws or amendments adopted by the California legislature each year.  Park owners distribute the new updated laws to park residents by the first of February each year.  If there are no changes to the laws, then the park owner/management may make the MRL available to residents and not distribute to each household.  In 2019 there were no significant changes.

However, there is a new poster notifying mobile home owners of the change in the name of the Mobilehome Ombudsman to the Mobilehome Assistance Center.  Park owners/management are required to post this notice at the Park.  It is also on line at the following link:

Why are legal documents in English?

The California Civil Code addresses the management of legal documents in the State
of California in Section 1632. This section of the law states, among other things, that if a business owner negotiates contracts, including rental or lease agreements in a language other than English, then the business owner is required to translate legal
documents into all other listed languages, which are Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog,
Vietnamese, and Korean. It is not only time consuming, but difficult to translate
accurately into many different languages.

It is for this reason that attorneys representing business owners, including
mobile home parks, recommend that all legal documents and negotiations be done in

When it is necessary for translation of the documents, the prospective resident or
current resident of a mobile home park, as an example, must provide their own interpreter
who must be 18 years of age or older.

Source: Insurance Information Institute.

Winterizing Your Mobile Home

When winterizing your mobile home, there are certain goals you want to achieve,
such as, eliminating cold air from coming in, preventing hot air from escaping and
preventing any water from leaking in. Here are few tips that will help prevent any these
from occurring.

Roof: A well-maintained roof can lower your energy bills and prevent costly water
damage. The edges and seams of a metal roof should be sealed every year. In most mobile homes, there is a cavity between the roof and the ceiling with only an inch
of fiberglass insulation running under the roof. Filling in this area will help properly
insulate your mobile home.

Skirting or Foundation Enclosure: Skirting helps to maintain a steady
temperature under the home, preventing pipes from freezing and other humidity
issues. Check the skirting, skirting vents, and entry places around your home, and
make sure it’s secure and undamaged. Replace individual panels if needed.

Plumbing: When setting out to winterize a mobile home, this should be one of the
biggest areas of concern for any mobile home owner. Mobile home plumbing is
prone to freezing over during the cold winter months, so if you live in an area that may pay attention to exposed pipes. One of the easiest methods to prevent water pipes from
freezing is heat tape. Heat tape contains a heating element encased in tape that is
wrapped around water pipes, it warms the pipes and prevents freezing. And, if you
are going to leave for an extended period of time, make sure you drain all water from the

Heating, Furnace: It’s very important to make sure your manufactured home furnace
operates safely and efficiently during winter weather. Most furnace manufacturers
recommend a professional inspection every year, and your utility company may
provide a free inspection. You should replacedisposable furnace filters regularly, and
wash, brush or vacuum permanent filters.


New Year New Mobile Home Improvements

The new year is on its way, and it is time
to start making plans to renew and refresh.
Perhaps a mobile home makeover is in your
future? Your home is your safe space. This
is where we do most of our living. It’s where
we work, play, rest and spend time with our
families. This is why you want your home to
reflect who you are, and what you enjoy in life.

There are many different and affordable ways
to renovate a mobile home, but you have to
decide what you want. You can renovate the
inside, outside or both, or only small areas of
these spaces. Renovation can be as simple as                                                           freshening things up, or it can be an
overwhelming and stressful process.

There are a few areas of concern to keep in
mind when renovating a mobile home. First,
money will be an issue. Avoid disappointment
by making a budget and planning around
it. Doing things yourself can be a great way
to save money. Second, renovations can be
disruptive, some measure of stress is to be
expected. Third, depending on what you are
doing, consider how long it will take, some
renovations take a significant amount of time
to complete. Finally, renovations are usually
a long-term change, so take your time before
making any decisions.

If your renovations may include the need
to obtain a permit from the California
Department of Housing and Community
Development (HCD) and approval from the
owner of the mobile home park where you
live. Be sure to check with HCD and your
park owner. HCD provides considerable
information on line about permits: www.hcd. Review your park rules and regulations
and lease agreement and meet with
the on-site manager or owner of your park to
obtain approval for improvements made to
your site or home.