Pride In Ownership

Maintaining the appeal of the park is not only the responsibility of the park owner and manager it is also up to you. Each mobile home owner is responsible for the upkeep of his or her home. When the exterior of your house looks good, i.e. free of clutter, small garden, fresh paint etc., the entire park looks more appealing to not only the residents and their guests but also to prospective new homeowners.

If you decide to sell your home there are a handful factors that will affect the price. Many of these factors are associated with the idea of “Pride in Ownership”. Your home may be identical to one for sale down the street and if the person down the street has taken more time to keep their house looking new and their carport free of clutter; their house is more likely to get a buyer not only first but one who is willing to pay more for the home.

Taking pride in your home and keeping it clean and beautiful takes only a few hours every weekend. Pull weeds, clear trash, plant flowers or herbs and enjoy the outdoors. This will also give you a chance to socialize with your neighbors because once one person shows pride in their home it is bound to inspire the rest of the community.

Do not forget about the inside of your home. Having a well kept home always makes you feel better and it can also help with the cost of your bills. By fixing old and leaky faucets and toilets you can conserve water and save money. If your electric bill is through the roof you might want to consider replacing old doors and windows as they can let cold air out and hot air in.

Take pride in your home and in your park. After all, no one wants to live in a place that is falling apart.

Cancer and Heart Disease Fighting Cocoa?!

There have been reports for years that red wine and green tea are good for your health and can even help fight or prevent cancer and heart disease. This is due to the fact that they are loaded with phenols and flavonoids. A new study shows that there is a beverage out there that contains more of these disease-fighting ingredients than red wine and green tea combined. What is this super drink?! Hot Cocoa!

That is right, studies have shown that Hot Cocoa has 611 mg of phenols and 564 mg of flavonoids per cup. Red wine and green tea, combined only have 505mg of phenols and 210 mg of flavonoids. So next time you have a bit of a sweet tooth grab a cup of hot cocoa and know you are also doing something great for your heart!