Money Saving Tips

With inflation causing increased prices for many day-to-day staples and services, many of us may be looking for more ways to save some money. Below we’ve compiled a few ways to help your money go further!

Turn Off Heat or Air to Unused Rooms

It may seem obvious, but limiting your energy expenditure only to areas you’re actively using can help reduce costs. So take advantage of the moderate Southern California weather and save money at the same time. For example, consider only using heat when its colder at night, or air conditioning during the day only when you are home and absolutely need it. You can be frugal with your heat and air either by manually turning it on and off or with the help of a programmable thermostat, several of which can be purchased for under $50.

Unplug Unused Devices

Even when off or not in use, most electronic devices still draw some energy when plugged into a power source. Plugging things in only when they’re needed can help reduce your monthly utilities expenses. You can use power strips or surge protectors with multiple smaller electronics and disconnect all of them simultaneously by unplugging the surge protector from the wall.

No Partial Loads

Avoid wasting energy, water, and detergent with a half-full dishwasher or washing machine. Fill the machine all the way before running it to get your money’s worth. Also consider air drying clothing – it’s free, saves energy, and will reduce wear and tear on your clothes, making them last longer.

Thrift, Consignment, and Yard Sales

Take advantage of lower cost options from your local thrift and consignment shops and yard sales. Whether shopping for something special or replacing a staple item, these options often offer items at a steep discount from traditional stores. You could also utilize these methods to declutter your life and maybe even make some extra money! Many people sell items they longer need to consignment shops or from their homes. In addition to traditional yard sale methods, there are many online resources to help you sell your belongings. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace allow you to advertise your wares locally, while Poshmark, Mercari, ThredUp, and Depop are websites allowing you to sell to people farther away. If you choose to donate your unwanted or unused items, large items or a high volume of items may be tax deductible. Some thrift stores even give you a coupon for the store when you donate items!

Money Saving Tip: Keep an Eye out for Coupons

Many businesses send out coupon mailers for products and services you may already be using. Some stores also print coupons on receipts that can be applied to future purchases and many businesses offer price matching with competitor stores. You can also go for the good, old-fashioned Sunday edition of the newspaper, which usually features lots of coupons for brand name household items like groceries and hygiene products. Finally, if you have a smartphone or a computer, there are many apps and online resources to help locate discounts and coupons, such as Retail Me Not and Honey, or that pay you back for shopping, like Rakuten, Drop, and Checkout 51. And many stores have individual rewards programs or additional savings through their website or mobile app.

8 Ways to Stay Cool while Saving Money This Summer

1. Consider a Fan instead of the AC during peak hours.

Yes it is true that a Fan uses electricity too but it uses about 1/10th of the electricity that your Air Conditioner uses. That could save you up to $100 a month.

2. Create a cross current

By opening windows in your home that are across from one another you will create a wind tunnel effect that, along with your fan, will help keep you cool.

 3. Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator and sprits yourself throughout the day.

As the cool water evaporates off your skin your body will cool down. Concentrate the sprays on your wrists and the back of your neck.

 4. Program your Thermostat.

Most people think the best way to save is to turn the AC on and off as the house heats and cools. In reality this makes your unit run double time. Set your thermostat at 76 while you are home and 85 when you are away. This allows your AC to work in short bursts keeping the run time and cost down.

 5. Draw the Blinds during the day/when you are not home.

It is a small thing that can make a huge difference. You notice that it is always cooler in the shade. By drawing your blinds you are preventing the sun from heating up your home. Believe it or not lighter shades work better as the darker shades draw in and retain the heat from the sun.

 6. Cook outside.

When people think of summer BBQ’s immediately come to mind. Take advantage of the nice weather and cook outside. This will keep the heat outside where it belongs.

 7. Check your seals.

Make sure not to let cool air escape. Many older homes have leaky windows and doors, you don’t need to spend tons of money replacing them try a fresh coat of caulking around your windows and some new weather stripping around the doors. You will notice a difference in the temperature of your house fairly quickly.

8. Cool down your showers.

When you take a warm/hot shower you are raising your body temperature to the point that when you get out of the shower you still feel warm. By changing the temperature of your shower you are changing the temperature of your body. It’s a great way to stay cool and sweat less.