Looking to Move into a Mobile Home or Manufactured Housing Community? Know the differences.


There are different types of mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities, as outlined below. As a person looking to move into a community it is important to know the difference and to know what kind of community would work best for you.

Rental/Land Lease Communities:
This is the most common type of mobile home park/manufactured housing community. The owner of the land and mobile home park rent out a site at the park to the owner of a mobile home/manufactured home. The mobile home owner pays rent for the site and all of the amenities and services offered. These Parks are private communities, with the Park owning and maintaining the entire infrastructure including the streets and utility systems.

Cooperative Communities
Some former mobile home park tenants have organized to purchase the park in which they live.  Most of these types of park purchases are on a cooperative basis where each mobile home owner buys a share in the cooperative.  When a mobile home owner in a park that converts to a cooperative does not want to “buy-in” they remain a renter and rent their space from the cooperative.

Subdivided Mobile Home Park
There is increased interest in subdividing parks so that residents can purchase their individual lot. The process to subdivide an existing park requires the filing of a subdivision map. This type of park tends to function much like a condominium complex, where each resident is responsible for their own unit but they all contribute to maintain the common areas of the park.

Private Land/Subdivisions
Mobile homes/manufactured homes can be placed on private land.