Beware of Internet Sales and Out-of-State Sellers!


HCD has released a Consumer Alert to all mobile home residents and those looking to purchase a mobile home. Consumers interested in purchasing manufactured homes should use extreme caution when considering a manufactured home ordered over the Internet or from an out-of-state seller.

California law requires manufactured home salespersons, dealers, and manufacturers doing business in California to be licensed by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). If a person or company solicits for purchasers of manufactured homes in California by letters, telephone calls, or other direct advertising or communications, that seller is violating the law because only licensed dealers and salespersons may advertise or solicit in California.

There are a number of people trying to sell mobile homes for “cheap” but the homes are located out of state. The HCD warns that these prices often do not include the “California Use Tax” that is placed on goods purchased outside of California and then moved into the state. There are also a number of features that California requires each mobile home to have that other states might not necessarily require, but if you purchase the home and move it into the state you are responsible for installing these features, which can often be costly.

The buyer must also take into account the cost of moving the home from its current location out of state to the park in which they have chosen to place their home.

Do not be fooled by the low price of a home. Make sure that the seller has a permit to sell the home in California and do your research on what features the home offers versus what California State Law requires.

If solicited by an Internet or out-of-state solicitor, ask for proof of California licensing. Use HCD’s website at or call HCD’s Occupational Licensing Program at (916) 323-9803

Click Here for the full Alert or visit the HCD website at

Chula Vista Asks Mobile Home Owners To Pay Yearly Fee for Rent Control

In June 2012, the City of Chula Vista told its mobile home park residents that they would need to pay a $60 fee each year to the City to help cover the costs of administering the City’s rent control ordinance, which average about $95,000 a year.  .  . According to city officials this cost could fluctuate yearly based on the previous years participation by mobile home owners. Further, according to the City, if the individual mobile home owners opt to not pay the annual fee they will no longer have the right to petition to the City’s rent review commission and will be subject to whatever rent increases are imposed on them.

Other cities throughout the state are also taking a close look at the cost of rent control.  Recently the City of Watsonville passed a law stating that they would be collecting a $5 a month fee ($60 a year) from Mobile Home owners in order to keep the rent control in place.